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Get additional 1-on-1 help from our experienced teachers. Every tutoring session is 25 minutes long, accompanied by proven, interactive, state-adopted program – Discovering Chinese Pro

Get 3 months FREE subscription to Discovering Chinese Pro ($120 value) and a limited discount code when you sign up for a free trial.

Disovering Chinese Pro is a leading technology based curriculum adopted by 11 states in the US. This standards-aligned currciulum features beauifully illustrated comic-book style lesson stories and multidimensional engagement. 

For new students, it’s a great way to start Chinese! The program is designed to achieve SAT2 fluency. Find out more when you talk to us.

Better Chinese was founded by educators from Columbia University and the United Nations in 1997 with a mission to develop the best materials and programs to teach the Chinese language and culture to non-native speakers.

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