Our tutors are experiened Discovering Chinese Pro school instructors.


Shaohua is a passionate teacher with 5 years of experience. She specializes in teaching children with multimedia online resources. With a Degree in Music Education from ShanDong University, China, her class is full of music and joy. This versatile teacher also instruct courses for the Master degree in Teaching Chinese to Children at Comillas University, Madrid.


I-Lin has dedicated her time and passion to teaching Chinese for 3 years. She has taught children with various language needs. As an experienced online tutor, she takes advantage of technology to enhance students’ communication skills. She is currently teaching full-time at multiple schools and online. I-Lin holds a Bachelor degree in Hotel Management from Jinwen University, Taiwan.


Hui-Lin has 3 years of experience in teaching Chinese. She has helped non-native children at different ages acquire Chinese. She leverages technology and digital resources to assist students’ learning. She holds a Degree in Public Health from National Taiwan University, and a Certificate in Teaching Chinese to Children from Universidad Comillas, Spain.


Soledad is the Head of Teacher Training for Better Chinese in Europe. She provides training supports to teachers from over 40 education establishments in Spain and UK. She studied Chinese at the University of Shenzhen and gained HSK5 qualification in 2008. Her teaching philosophy and primary expertise is helping students learn through games and the use of technology. She has also created an extensive range of primary Chinese learning books and iPad applications.